Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kid Startup

This is a short review on the progress of our 6 year old entrepreneur:

As stated in kidOYO: Own Your Own Business, Own Your Own Life, it all began when there was no longer a risk to him eating money. The game of "getting things" and "making things" and "having things of value" and "trading this for that" is easy to implement. The time-intensive part is the education of what actions mean, what information clues look like, what process produces leverage, what leverage behaves like, using time as a tool, and many other such lessons that occur with growing rapidity as we have gone from 4 to 5 to 6 and soon will be entering year 7!

The entrepreneurial opportunity that is innately a part of learning is of substantial value. We have been engaged in community development for years now. Monetary transactions are occurring constantly at this point. Our family approaches them as entrepreneurial community learners. Every kind of transaction is represented in any given month. We donate, and receive donations of educational value. We pay for and receive payment for educational experiences. We subscribe to and are subscribed to as educational resources. We make educational product and are made by educational productions every day.

There are resources coming into existence in this world that have never been experienced before on this planet. A network effect is spreading within communities around this world, carried by one leader, one family, one Individual at a time that wants to learn to live better by living to learn better.

Some are calling this a "Maker Movement"; "Community Hackers" are starting to emerge in unexpected ways, as the technical tools, skills and awareness of the present and future value of STEAM education takes root in more meaningful ways. This is a grassroots opportunity with very long legs. As leaders appear, they should be supported and commended. Just showing up and making one's self available to others who want to learn is a tremendous gift of opportunity.

What comes next is magic...!

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