Thursday, April 18, 2013

Minecrafting Education

At kidOYO we are exploring all kinds of new ways to engage young people in technical education. As we have written before, it is not about technology for the sake of technology, it is about using technology as the infrastructure of education beneath all other educational pursuits.

As a parent-educator, I first placed my child in front of a pc computer at age 1. He grasped the mouse, correlated his control of the physical device to the cursor on the screen, and smiled. Mission accomplished. Ever since that day, as parents, we have placed learning quests in front of our child that involve technology in one form or another. Not just computer technology, but general hands-on tinkering technology... like drills, saws, screw drivers, and hardware quests like taking apart a computer or a dvr from the satellite service provider we no longer use.

Minecraft, hands down, has inspired our child beyond all other tools or technical environments. At the age of 5, I showed my son a video of Minecraft and downloaded the application. By the age of 7, I had not only a Minecraft expert in my house, but more generally, a computer geek who can teach a class on several computer coding subjects to his peers. Minecraft was the catalyst for much of this.

So now, we are developing a method for integrating Minecraft into classroom experiences that bring both technical and cultural literacy into focus. Stay tuned, the road ahead is going to be interesting!

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