Thursday, March 14, 2013

Robotic Cloud Engine

Zhenerbee Farms believes in the power of robotic technology. Our now 8 year old farmer has been learning about, building and programming robotic systems for a couple of years now. Moving processing powers to the cloud is an effective way to keep local costs down in our search for knowledge and capabilities over robotic systems.

It is important to remember however, especially in this naive stage that our technical Society exists within, that Human integrity can be destroyed by robotic systems and artificial intelligence. As educators, parents and mentors, there is an important piece of knowledge that is a precursor to robotic system intelligence.

As a direct counter-balance to the below, consider a personal cloud infrastructure that espouses and enables a Human sovereign identity structure and local personal control over the data assets that robotic systems may often be built in servitude of. Teaching young people about private ownership over personal data is becoming a critical piece of intelligence in the construction of Society. Indeed, it is going to be a distinguishing factor between the "Have's" and the "Have Not's" of the next century.

As a leader, you can not wait for teachers, political leaders or corporate leaders to distill this knowledge and pass it forward. Opportunity does not work like that. Advanced understanding must be sought, fought for even. When you discover crumbs, seek the source that they come from. "Sovereign Identity", "personal clouds", "vrm" are such crumbs. Whether you seek to understand and gain personal control over medical data, education data, consumer data, or any other social or economic context of data production, the structure of your data-driven life is going to affect the results you get from living in a robot-enabled world.

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