Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Sovereign Formula Rules This Land

[Ref: Sovereign Ownership Systems]

You may not have thought about it before, but your identity defines everything you are within the socio-economic infrastructure of America, and indeed the world. When your parents provided you with a name, the method that they used to attribute that name to your legally-defined life set in motion a series of administrative events that control the context of your participation in our "free" Society.


The method of construing names for babies and registering them within a centrally managed database that assigns "legal Rights" has superseded the structure of actual authority contained within the life of an Individual citizen within any form of Society participation. We need look no further than 'John Hancock' for proof of this fact.

The most important function that must maintain integrity within the structure of an Individual's life is the ability to stand against an infrastructure that requires reform, and to declare via sovereign source authority that change is required and possible. When 'John Hancock' and the other founding fathers of America declared their independence from the King's administrative authority, there was no other force standing behind that act other than sovereign source authority. No centrally registered database authenticating or giving credentials to the "Rights" of these Individual men was required. No pre-defined Agreement by the members of "legal" Society was required. The only requirement was an understanding where any Society receives it's "Right" to exist from.

Here, in the year 2012, the administrative precedence of sovereign source authority has been mis-construed, and Society is witnessing an incremental travesty due to the defined objective on the part of many security-minded people to know everything about everyone before any bad outcome becomes possible. Unfortunately, this operational objective construes a flawed notion of administrative precedence, and means that its enforcers and believers have ceased representing their actions as "Americans", based on what that designation is supposed to mean.

All is not lost however. A sovereign formula rules this land, and always can, so long as there are courageous Individuals to ensure it. Work has begun to restore the sovereign source authority that Individuals must have over their participation within a legally "Righted" Society. This formula is simple and straight-forward:

IF birth = citizenship AND parent = citizen THEN parent = default new citizen administrator

This structure of identity origination speaks to how sovereign source authority is mapped in identity Terms for a civil-Society. In a civil-Society, participation is a choice, which is the only reason it is called a "free Society". In a civil-Society, participation must be accountable, or it is not a civil-Society. The structure of freedom and accountability must resolve correctly for a Society to function well.

Unfortunately, we are being forced to look at the method we are currently using to originate identity in America under very critical inspection, because we have lost a great deal of integrity due to the increasing capabilities of technical methods used in identifying Individuals within Society. For instance, around Lake Anna, Virginia there is a common sighting occurring where helicopters are doing fly-over passes in order to grab the identification on the side of boats whereby citizen "Rights" are allocated and managed, so that the marketing activities of these helicopter operators may take pictures of people and send them to the "legal address" of citizen registrants with a bill for acquiring these photos. This is an opportunity created by our approach to identity registration, and has caused a problem for "privacy by design" advocates.

There is no reason why a baby's name should be correlated to the "legal identity" used to allocate and manage citizen "Rights" in our civil-Society. The work of correcting this flaw in administrative precedence is some of the most important work now being done to ensure that our civil-Society maintains its respect for the sovereign source authority that has created and sustained it through every trial and tribulation.

To the extent that this work succeeds, we will all win, and our future as a civil-Society will remain bright. If we lose, and this work fails, we are approaching a cliff that no Society can survive.

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