Saturday, August 11, 2012

Data Canvas = 'A' in STEAM Education

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Our brains are our default interface in this world.

Increasingly, science and technology is engineering mathematical experiences for us all to interact with. Too often, we under-appreciate the role that art plays in making beauty a part of our experience. This story, these pictures, and this art reminds us that beauty is here, and our creations should enhance it, not steal our experience of it.

You will soon be experiencing these artistic illusions everywhere you go, whether by distortion of perspective or distortion of light and energy. Devices you wear, carry, embed and share will paint your world in ways you can scarcely imagine. And through your experience, you will be given superpowers to have beauty and meaning around you constantly.

But, make no mistake, despite the overwhelming presence of others, and the infinite scale of data that orchestrates that reality, you will always remain a solitary Individual member of the Human species. The interface that you empower in this world should always be your own. No matter the format or source.

Art can confuse and manipulate as well as honor and exemplify beauty and love. Art sits at a very important inflection point in the shaping of Human consciousness. For this reason, the aptly named STEM education mandate is in need of immediate reform to include the 'A' of art in its composition. STEAM [Sceince | Teachnology | Engineering | Art | Math] powered education makes a critical distinction; without art education, our data is unusable, for we can not craft beautiful data without art.

I know that my son will live in a world where anything is possible via STEAM powered education. He is already enrolled in an advanced Elementary Education System, delivering STEAM programs for K-12. The pace that he has established for his own iterative learning process is providing excellent data that can be used to improve programming opportunities. As more of his friends and classmates join the project, our STEAM programs refine their approach and expand their creativity.

As an entrepreneur in this world, technology provides an amazing canvas to create with. The data that is available is overwhelming in magnitude and personal value. My efforts find me acting as a steward for a generation that believes it knows something that no generation has ever known in quite the same way. My understanding of why they are right is critical to my role as an educator. Technology is immersive, science, engineering, art and math are all part of this same natured experience.

The capabilities that are being born today will change tomorrow's possibilities forever.

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