Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I love a Good Summer Garden! It really helps to get a good early start on some of your gardening. Hitting June and already being on the second cycle with the garden is making it look like we will get 4 full rotations this year. My early spring spinach, lettuce and radishes are picked and processed and while the peas are early season they are still producing so I figure I will let them go for another couple of weeks and see how they fair. In the meantime...we tasted our first cucumber and a few small cherry tomatoes already and it has my appetite ready for more! Last year we added this diagonal climbing wall for the cucumbers and it is great for a number of reasons. First reason, is that cucumbers are vines so giving them something to grow on it important. Second reason is that the plants grow on top of the wall and the fruit hangs below...making it easy to pick and proving some shelter from birds. Third reason...it provides shade for plants that might not be as heat tolerant as the cuke is. Now if you've ever grown tomatoes you know what a challenge they can be. They can actually break your heart....growing so beautifully one day and menaced with problems the next. I am going to knock on wood when I say this...but the crop is looking healthy...way more healthy than any year past. So my fingers are crossed and I am praying to Mother Nature herself for help. Aside from this, the pumpkins, squash and zucchini are flowering and we should be picking zukes and squash soon. Peppers are coming along and we have enjoyed some banana peppers already. I just picked up a soil test kit to check my nutrient levels in the dirt and see what they might be lacking. Alright Happy Backyard Farmers...will be back soon with step by step How to Test Soil Nutrients post. Over and Out

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