Monday, April 2, 2012

Dominion Power Robot Essay

[The following post is written by our 7 year old (1st grade) as part of a school competition run by kidOYO and the local school PTA to provide 10 scholarships to an after-school Lego Robotics program. Interested students were asked to research and answer the following question:]

How can robots be used by Dominion Virginia Power company?

Dominion makes power by smashing a neutron into a Uranium235 atom and turns it into Uranium236. The explosion releases heat and 3 more neutrons to create more explosions. The heat turns water into steam, which the steam turns a steam turbine which turns magnets in the generator to create electricity.

Some turbines are as big as trains!

I believe robots like this one could be used to check for radiation leaks, to video accidents, and help people do their jobs.

And best of all, robots never get tired, and thats why the power plants need them.

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