Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make: Math Monday

MAKE: Admin Art

Above is a very cool resource and some links to additional community efforts of the "Maker Movement".

Below is my interpretation of some of the art on display at those links. What else says "administration" better than a paper clip? How about a binder clip for holding alot of administrative paperwork?

I love this because it shows the structure of identity within an administration system. Each open end represents a new account to be administered contextually. At the center of the first picture is open undefined space... this represents the nature of sovereign source authority in an ID administration system. The accounts that are administered represent an aggregate ID structure, but without explicitly knowing who the source creator of each account is, the aggregate identity lacks provenance. Sovereign source authority and data provenance are twin siblings.

Web ID Node:

Web ID Network:

Web ID Community:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Building Robots + Facebook

Hi Folks,

Just a friendly reminder from the future... keep your data structured well, your assets and liabilities in order, and your identity close at hand... we're coming!

kidOYO Young Engineers

I love my 3D Printer!!

Zhenerbee Farms Ledger