Monday, January 30, 2012

Horsing Around

With so much focus easily diverted to technology and the ever changing face of our school systems, it's good to be reminded that we all benefit from being grounded.  The farm philosophy offers so many great grounding opportunities.  This week we started on what is for me a life long desire, to learn to ride horses.  Anyone can drive to a dude ranch and pay your $50 to ride a horse trail mounted on top of a lumbering horse, but we want to really learn how to ride horses.

We chose a horse farm not too farm from here on the recommendation of a friend who takes her girls, 11 and 8 to ride.  I tried a few times before to go get information but it seemed the gate was always closed when I chose to venture out.  Who would think to check their website! (hand to forehead)  In anycase, what a great find this place is.  Tucked back off the main road up and down rolling little hills back to the riding arena and stables which were simple and perfect for an intimate feeling.  The owner creates a welcome easy going pace around her and it is easy to feel at ease moments after you arrive.

What amazed me most was the pace of information that she was giving to my little 6 year old sponge.  From bridles to frogs to brushes and more that I can not remember, it was a learning experience from the very first second on.  Back into the stable of Peggy the mare, with all of the gear and grooming tools we needed, I was surprised again to find that Z would be brushing the mare and picking her himself.  He will be expected to ready his own horse for each lesson which includes saddling, bridling and grooming.  I was impressed!  To say the least.

With enthusiasm and confidence I did not expect, Z listened and learned and accomplished his tasks.  The horse was ready and he led her out to the arena for the ride.

Now for the ride....

Uh oh...looks like Peggy fell asleep.  Just kidding..we probably just caught her mid blink.
After some turns around the arena, learning how to go left then right, forward and stop, we were done for the first lesson.  Time to slide off the horse and take her back to the barn.

It was a great day and we are ready for the next lesson already!

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  1. Reminds me of the old days with Rachel. How she loved it and she began just like this, though at age 9. When a horses appeared in an old barn down the street, she had an even better opportunity to hang out at the barn every day. Finally, when I began a new job, I met someone looking for someone who wanted her much loved horse ridden and cared for. That's how we came to lease Tony who moved into the barn down the then Rachel was in jr. high. That kept Rachel away from the boys for just a few more years.


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