Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ages of Empires - The Conquerers Struggle the Last Level

Zhen has come to us and asked us to help him create a blog.  He has taken all of the pictures and will narrate the store while I type. we go....

So now we will learn to play atges of empires struggling though the last level of ages of empires the conquerers.  Before we begin, let me show you some pictures..

This is the symbol for Ages of Empires.
Now, if you do not know how to log on, follow my directions.

Now click on your symbol and it will bring you to this screen

Now click on Ages of Empires the Conquerers.  If you do not have that, click Ages of Empires the Age of the Kings.   Now, do you have that all?

Now, do you see the screen?

Okay so just please wait for a minute.  It will soon pop up for another photograph.  It will soon pop into a black screen.  That's when you know it will start the game soon.  It will start showing photographs, I will show you them soon.

After a while, you should see this screen.  You will have to wait for a little bit of pictures that are not about the game.  You will come to some of these pictures that are in Ages of Empires, the Age of the Kings.  You can only get this screen for the first only if you are at Ages of Empires the Conquerers.

This is the castle of the Blues.  It might look like it's the castle of the Green cuz of the green flags all over it, but the Greens help the Blues. These  might be an ally castle.  It's good to have allies on the map but you can't control the allies villagers and soldiers.  Nothing on the allies.  You can not upgrade anything for them.  So let's move on into the game so we can see all of the photographs to see what is in Ages of Empires.

Now, when you click on the last level, the Battle of Fallkirk, it will show to construct the castle and as many walls as you can construct in a short time.

To construct and use our camp we might need a couple of siege weapons to destroy the English Castle and also to protect our camp before the English can destroy us with their long bowmen and their pikemen.

After you have constructed your castle, the computer will say : Sir William Wallace will arrive and his ships.  After I've got that as the computer has said.  Build some battering rams or catapults or tiny little crossbow bolts.  If you have them done incorrectly it might say to get more wood.  If you need to get more wood.  Click a villager and right click an oak tree.

Now you see the villagers.  Try to right click a farm.  They will soon go to work at a farm.  Or right click an oak tree and they will serve to cut down oak trees.  To select more than one villager, click by a villager then drag around them.  Then right click where you want them to move.  That same thing happens with soldiers.  There are millions of things to learn in Ages of Empires.  I hope I will be able to tell you all of the facts.  Now let's move on.

This is the entry of your village.  On the other side of the hunk of oak trees you will find an open spot with a little bit of walls.  What I like to do is to build gates and more walls.  To build walls, click villager then click hammer with sword then click on what looks like a stone wall.  If you click on it and drag it will make two towers and then your villager will go build those two.  To build a gate the same thing happens.  You don't click where you want it to be.  Now to build pester walls you will click what looks like big sticks stuck together.  you click on that then drag and will make a pestern wall.  Now, the English could attack at any minute.  To attack click on your soldier or click and drag around other soldiers and right click on the other soldiers.  To upgrade something click on your barracks then click on upgrade to pikeman.  That is only available in the castle age.  To upgrade to teh castle age, click town center and click upgrade to teh castle age.

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