Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The learning farm has been in full-swing lately. We have almost entirely completed our plumbing and irrigation projects to move rain and river water up and down hillsides underground and above for various purposes, including washing, cooling and livestock feeding. Additionally, we have been doing some landscape design work with stones and trees, recently adding 21 tons of blue stone to our property. In all of these projects, our young farmer has been actively involved in understanding how the process of procurement and methods of design and building culminate in end results of value.

To up the ante a bit, and since it is product development time in the office, Mom setup a learning opportunity for our young farmer to get involved in the creative process of toy design for our upcoming 2012 toy line.


Design a bath toy made of foam that kids 0-6 could play with trucks/cars/machines and design their own vehicles with. Come up with simple design pieces that could be used interchangeably in multiple truck/car/machine designs initiated by young child.


Zhenerbee was provided with a base deign to work from. By taking some of the design elements, such as wheels that were shaped like round gears, he was asked to come up with a few new design mash-ups on his own.


After one hour, Zhenerbee successfully created two original designs by reusing design pieces from base design. The original artwork was presented to our professional design team this morning, and was successful in communicating the concept. It looks like our six year old will have some original drawings rendered as mock-ups for presentation to buyers in the coming months.

After this hard laborious process was completed, our young farmer spent the rest of the day in the lake playing in the sand.

Summertime in the LKA is off to a great start!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel Time NY

After completing some marathon farming and hardscaping work over the past few weeks, we have set out on some travel to New York for both business and pleasure.

When we "take in" New York, we are never exactly sure what that is going to mean. There are many places and people to see. Since Nanie is out on the northeast of Long Island, we launch from there. With friends, family and business in and around the city, we are moved day and night to take as much of it in as we can.

So here is a new resource worth checking out along the way:

Hudson River Park

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stimey on the Grill

Well I am at the tail end of my journey with this rooster, Stimey.  He was mean and he, like most roosters, intimidated me ... got my heart racing.  So we antagonized each other on my daily visits to the coop.  No longer were my hens...my hens.  They were managed, guarded and dominated daily by El Capitan...Stimey.

But it all changed on Saturday, when the neighbor came over and helped do the rooster culling.  He strung the rooster upside down from a tree to let the blood all fall to the head and then beheaded him.  We stuck him immediately into a pot of hot water to loosen the feathers and then began to pull them out.  This was where I finally stepped forward and got involved.  I felt I should at least participate.

After that was done we brought the rooster inside to the sink and cut it up into the standard cuts.  I stuck it in marinade and procrastinated right up until last night when I finally fired up the grill.  I have to admit, not only was I not looking forward to eating it, I was down right dreading it.  But I served it up and Zhen ate it heartily, Devon ate it while throwing out a few cockadoodledoos and I pushed it around on my plate a few times before taking one small bite and declaring myself done.  Thankfully Biscuit is here to enjoy the rest!

What I learned from this whole experience is that I am not a chicken killer.  I like egg farming!!

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