Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barnyard Moosical

Last night The Bee debuted in his first Moosical performance at school.  All 3 kindergarden classes worked together to create an adorably comical show for all of us lucky parents to enjoy.  The Bee was Cow #1 and did a FANTASTIC job singing, dancing and saying his lines.  Here are a few images from the performance to enjoy….

“Most Cows are known for their Milk and their Butter but we’re Dancing Cows and We’re like no Udder!!”

I believe this is when they are doing the “Milk Shake”

Who says Pigs are Dirty?!?  Not in This Barnyard!

Gourmet Goats….they make Pizza Pie :0)

Look at those Farmers…doin the dosey-doh

Let’s hear it for those COWS!!!  They are Udderly the Best!!

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