Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan - Nuclear Boy Explanation

Barnyard Moosical

Last night The Bee debuted in his first Moosical performance at school.  All 3 kindergarden classes worked together to create an adorably comical show for all of us lucky parents to enjoy.  The Bee was Cow #1 and did a FANTASTIC job singing, dancing and saying his lines.  Here are a few images from the performance to enjoy….

“Most Cows are known for their Milk and their Butter but we’re Dancing Cows and We’re like no Udder!!”

I believe this is when they are doing the “Milk Shake”

Who says Pigs are Dirty?!?  Not in This Barnyard!

Gourmet Goats….they make Pizza Pie :0)

Look at those Farmers…doin the dosey-doh

Let’s hear it for those COWS!!!  They are Udderly the Best!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

320 Planting Time

Planting season has begun in Virginia. This year we have 8 raised bed gardens, each with their own distinct soil qualities. And now each bed has officially been sown with two rows of seeds.

In one row in all of the beds is lettuce of various types; buttercrunch, butterhead, bibb, grand rapids, great lakes #118 and a few other headed varieties.

In the second row is spinach in four of the boxes, and radishes in four of the boxes.

Let the growing begin. I am very interested to see how my soil management efforts will affect growth.

As the years progress, and I am able to refine my soils, I inch closer and closer to the optimal formulation. I enjoy farming on this micro scale, as it enables me to test ideas and practices that would be more difficult to control on a larger scale.

I will be charting growth on a per soil type, per seed type basis this year.

Hoping for great results all around, and happy to have an early kickoff to the growing season thanks to the raised garden beds!

Zhenerbee Farms Ledger