Saturday, September 25, 2010

BINGO !!!!

Last night Zhen's elementary school in combination with the PTA hosted a Basket Bingo.  We invited along our neighbors, Mel and Lottie and together there was four of us there.  Prizes consisted of several different style very high quality baskets and about 8 different Vera Bradley bags.  It was a great turn out from the community so the PTA was buzzing with excitement at the money they were raising for the school at the event.  There was a great energy going around despite the frigid Artic like air conditioning that was being pumped into the cafeteria.

Game 6 and Zhen wins a Double Bingo!!  Score little guy!  He won this beautiful Vera Bradley bag..

He won this beautiful Vera Bradley bag..

And as a nice side note, Lottie won big.  A Bingo Game and 2 Door Prizes.

And now we are off the Toy Store so I can buy a toy to trade with Zhen for that bag!

~ Mom

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