Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dazed and Confused in the Hen House

It seems we have a very confused hen.  Currently we have 3 hens old enough to lay and 4 hens that will be old enough to start on mash in another 2 weeks.  What we don't have is roosters.  That fact is not seeming to stop Cinderella, who despite my attempts to change her course, she is steadfastly sitting on 6 eggs.  All day and night she sits, only leaving long enough to squawk some complaints at her sister hens and nibble at any tasty tidbits that get dropped in the pen.  I have no idea how she got in her little chicken brain that she would be hatching something from those eggs but there is no convincing her otherwise.  In fact, on one of the rare occasions she did chose to leave the nest I snatched the eggs and threw them out, thinking that would solve the problem.  Not only did it not solve the problem, but it created a new one for the day when she raged around the pen and made so much noise that neighbors for miles around must have heard her making such a fuss.

Today marks 2 weeks that she has sat on her eggs.  Typically it takes 18 days to hatch a chick so I am very interested to see just how long she decides to sit.  And at some point I guess I will have to intervene again......

Crazy bird!!

~ Mom

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