Saturday, August 28, 2010

International Space Station

last night as we finished up movie night we came out to look up at the clear night sky and were lucky enough to spot the International Space Station. Coincidentally we had just downloaded the Star Walk app for our iPad which makes viewing the night sky a whole new experience. This morning we went to the NASA website and confirmed that it was ISS we sa as the timing and position of the sighting lined up with the location of ISS over our area.

How exciting technology is. We have all been given the tools of exploration and discovery. It leads you to wonder just what will our world be like in 20years from today.

Signing out...amazed....

Star Walk App


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kindergarten and 5 1/2 all in the Same Day

Well ladies and's true.  Zhenerbee the Great has started his 13 year career as a public school student.  I'd say the day went well for all, despite being told yesterday that I no longer needed to hold his hand and today being told I could just drop him off at the front door, he didn't need to be walked in.   I tried to bargain with him to see if he would at least let me walk him to the door of his classroom, but no luck, he wasn't willing to negotiate... sigh ...  As fate would have it, he was met by a line of classmates ready to head inside when we arrived at the school.  And off he went, joining the line and ....... not looking back.

I was so proud of him.  I was so aware of time.  And I felt another bittersweet moment of parenthood.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Time

Life sure has been busy at the farm. After a very dry and hot early summer, August has been shaping up to be a very hot,wet and muggy affair. Sounds great, eh? The grass is growing thick and long. The chickens are eating well. The gardens are growing and producing many fresh batches of salsa. The fort sits waiting... being abused by the spiders that have taken over our world. Everywhere you go, a web catches your ear... strews itself across your nose... and sticks to your face and arms binding you in its flight. The mere fact that spiders fly is an amazing thing to observe. And speaking of amazing... the squirrels own the world, and every tree has nuts bursting forth for them to enjoy... in just about the most wasteful manner possible. But our fort stands strong from their dropping nut onslaught. Nothing will defeat us!

Not our dripping wet condensation consumed air conditioning which has lost 10% efficiency in the past two weeks due to the moisture in the air. Not our increased enclosure indoors away from the grimm conditions to be endured outside. Not the rising temperature in the lake which tempts us from our deck being blazed hot like desert sands. Nothing! Not even the failure of business #2, our worm farming effort, due to our inability to maintain climate conditions adequate to worm survival.

We continue working, traveling, building businesses, ideas, relationships, stories.

It is a busy time.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dazed and Confused in the Hen House

It seems we have a very confused hen.  Currently we have 3 hens old enough to lay and 4 hens that will be old enough to start on mash in another 2 weeks.  What we don't have is roosters.  That fact is not seeming to stop Cinderella, who despite my attempts to change her course, she is steadfastly sitting on 6 eggs.  All day and night she sits, only leaving long enough to squawk some complaints at her sister hens and nibble at any tasty tidbits that get dropped in the pen.  I have no idea how she got in her little chicken brain that she would be hatching something from those eggs but there is no convincing her otherwise.  In fact, on one of the rare occasions she did chose to leave the nest I snatched the eggs and threw them out, thinking that would solve the problem.  Not only did it not solve the problem, but it created a new one for the day when she raged around the pen and made so much noise that neighbors for miles around must have heard her making such a fuss.

Today marks 2 weeks that she has sat on her eggs.  Typically it takes 18 days to hatch a chick so I am very interested to see just how long she decides to sit.  And at some point I guess I will have to intervene again......

Crazy bird!!

~ Mom

Monday, August 2, 2010

Zhen meets Biscuit.AVI

Words are probably not necessary...and this video is priceless....

Completion of the Fort

Well after a long hot summer of work...the fort has been complete.  Of course by complete we usually mean "complete for now".  Now it's time to embellish a bit.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the fort one sunny cool morning with our coffee and juice....and Biscuit :0)

Backyard Science 2

Zhenerbee Farms Ledger