Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its About Endurance... Always.

If there is a character trait that one must resolve for themselves to nurture within their own life, it is endurance. If there is a character trait of greater importance during the course of determining your path through this life, I know of none. You and your child, and the children you encounter along the way... these should be nurtured to understand the need for endurance.

How long does it take to apply endurance to your life? Do you possess more endurance within more of your choices today than you did last year? What is endurance? When does endurance start for you?

These are all profound questions that never take place in public view. The aftermath is what we get to hear. Have you ever complained because of the discomfort you felt at the present situation that held you captive and turbulent... like a long car drive in the family station wagon? The public complaint is only heard after endurance has broken down. More endurance always produces better results, but more endurance is always a result of effort... and failed efforts abound.

Training endurance may happen in numerous ways. And while our muscles may be trained via endurance training to support our decisions as a thinking body... we are always enduring within the engines of our souls as Individual Human Beings. The heart of our minds is where endurance comes from, and from which our drive is derived. As we feed and nourish this part of ourselves it grows stronger. As we deny and stifle it, it remains meek. All are choices.

Choosing well is an art crafted by a well-heeled life. Who among us can say we have been a well-heeled life for the entire run? To me, they are impressive people who have lived impressively in the presence of great endurance. Luck falls blindly on us all, for the most part, and good fortune is fickle just as often. But endurance is all around us. Everyone has some. We all share a connection to the same kind of source.

Energy; have you ever considered what energy is from within its structure? To be a formation of matter that may burst into combustible and useable results, like a seed that grows and produces fruit for innumerable seasons. Within each of us is such a source of energy. You may touch it daily if you wish. Life has many aspects, and you will touch it whether you want to or not... so why not touch it well?

Endurance is how energy is managed well. While you are young, you are cared for in spite of your lack of general endurance. As you mature, more should be expected of you. By you. By the other people you are guided by. By your teachers. By Society. You should want to manage your energy source well.

An energy source well is what our sci-fi dreams portray being harvested by movies such as The Matrix. It is these wells of energy that have never run dry, in spite of the most horrific conditions and treatment at the mercy of life itself. Our ancestry of endurance is as legendary as being Human will ever be. When I see it in existence, I honor it. I offer it my attention. When I sense a need for it, I honor it. I offer it all that I am.

In the manner that we train to learn a skill or a sport, or in the process we use to train for a marathon, to climb a mountain, or to master a new language. Let us learn endurance everyday. What will you do today that causes growth in your life? What obstacle will you approach to overcome? What attitude will you expect from yourself? How will you handle a failure today?

As the parent of a five year old son, I will make myself available every day to help him understand his endurance. I believe parenting is a job of divine importance. When you meet me in this life, you will always know that of me, now that I am a parent. I wish the entire world shared in this experience with me. We all come from parents on some level. None of us share a common experience of that experience. Parenting happens well, parenting fails.We are all left to live our own lives with the reality that we are invested within. But with effort and awareness, we can all make parenting better in the world. Whether you are a parent, or ever were parented as a child, or completely lacked parenting as it should be defined in this world... your life has been affected by parents.

Parents; you are the creators of energy source wells. How many do you have care for?

Learn up people. Every day, learn up!

kidOYO™ @ Noiz Ivy . org

~ Dad

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