Friday, June 18, 2010

Surprise in the Hen House

This morning I headed down for my usual routine of taking the babies from the hay loft into to the fenced in baby pen to run around.  First I go to the main coop and open the door for the hens (who by the way area already calling me all morning to get down there and let them out) and to my great surprise I see the the coop!!  My guess is that they maneuvered behind the lid closing the entrance to the coop and walked on in.  I am just not sure if they decided to do that last night or this morning.  I hope for their sake that they did it this morning.  Now I am letting them stay in the coop while the others have been sent to their pen to roam around and find bugs.

She was practicing roosting
Then she got interested in the camera.  Chickens are VERY curious.

Something new everyday with these birds!
Best thing is ... they are all getting along.  The older birds did not seem the least bit interested in establishing dominance so it must be a size issue.  They realize they are babies and therefore....they know their place.  I have noticed amongst the babies that the runt is the boss...ha ha...figures.

They look so teeny weeny in the yard.  I would let them run inside but they've figured out how to squeeze through the fencing so they are kept in the coop all day still.  They seem to want to really be set free but they'll be food in no time at this size.
Probably 2-3 weeks they'll be big enough to not be able to fit through the holes and then I'll just have to worry about flying.  I guess it will be wing clipping season soon.

~ Mom

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