Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tinker Time at the Farm

 Zhen is learning how things work by taking them apart.  We have stashed away all sorts of old electronics for a time when his interest and capabilities met at the right place.  Zhen has a natural interest in computers, hard drives and motors.  He is fascinated at the moment by factories so when offered the chance to start taking equipment apart he jumped at the chance.  

He has gone through several factory ideas.  A Toy Factory, A Chocolate Factory (where he tells me he will make chocolate and sell it to my Toy Factory to make toys with chocolate), and after this days's events.....a Robot Factory where people can download their brains into the body of a robot.  He might be on to something there.

He was tasked with the challenge of taking out as many screws, cords and connection points as possible.  His commitment to the task was impressive.  And his excitement about what he might discover about how things work was even more impressive.

Zhen was very happy to have removed one of the motherboards and here is showing off the underside of the motherboard where he discovered soldering.  

His quest became to remove the hard drive, which he did and was even more excited when he learned he could open the hard drive and see what was inside making the computer think.

[ Quick real life moment: As I type this, he has come to sit next to me and wants to know why he keeps seeing his name in the typing.  I haven't answered yet and his most recent attempt at getting an answer was "Excuse me Mom, I don't mean to disturb you, but...." And so I am stopping to read to him and end this post ]

Over and out from Tinker School 1.0


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