Thursday, June 24, 2010

THE Fort

I thought of a lot of clever titles for this post but really the only one that does the thing justice is THE Fort.  Devon has kicked it into high gear and the weather has been absolutely no help.  Even on Father's Day he spent the day picking up additional supplies and working away on this thing.  What a Dad!!!  By the time it's complete it will be like a giant trophy in the yard, I keep teasing him.

Enjoy some pics from Father's Day...

The plan is for a 2 Story fort with closed lower level and open crow's nest style deck on the upper level.

The trusses are being supported by a custom dead man.  Once the trusses are all in place and the center beam is attached, he plans to knock out the dead men.

Ahhh...the 4 Wheeler.  An invaluable tool.

Personally, I am super excited to play in this fort.  We plan to make the right side have a shutter window with counter for Zhen to open up shop.  As we get better and better at growing our produce and of course keep our hens producing he should have a good little shop.  He's very excited about the new business prospect and we're starting our search for some scales, old cash register, farm baskets, signs...etc...  

Stay tuned for more......

~ Mom

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