Monday, May 3, 2010

Backyard Farming

Zhenerbee Farms has been hard at work. Currently, we have 48 eggs incubating at farmer Zhen's school, and we are anxiously awaiting the hopeful arrival of our new baby chicks at the farm. Farmer Dad has been tending the grass as usual, and we have an abundant harvest this year filled with lots of nutritious and tasty types of forage. Dad has also been expanding our garden spaces, tending our hazelnut and fruit-producing cherry trees, and getting our soil amended for planting. We have expanded our planting space by 500% this year in hopes of a successful harvest. And lastly, our worms have really been working hard to create their castings for use in our gardens as well. After a couple of weeks of trial and error to get their environment setup right, we seem to have the formula for success dialed in at this point. Our initial bed of paper and some table scraps has been completely devoured and turned into... well, worm poop. Farmer Zhen just loves every opportunity to talk poop... ahh, 5 year olds!

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