Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tooth Fairy Cometh

Well the big wait is over.  The first baby tooth has fallen out.  It's official....Zhenerbee is a Big Boy.

It fell out last night and confirmed our suspicion that the Tooth Fairy and the Wish Fairy are in cahoots.  After a slightly turbulent dinner filled with more than anyone's fair share of complaining about eating salad, Zhen learned his obstinance had cost him a fudge pop for dessert.  

In a last ditch effort to secure the fudge pop, Zhen told Daddy he had made a wish to the Wish Fairy to get the fudge pop.  He and Daddy were rough housing a bit post conversation and low and behold Zhen's tooth fell out in the scuffle.  And of course....a first tooth out earns a fudge pop dessert so it seems the Tooth Fairy came to the rescue via the Wish Fairy.

A little blood, a few tears and a proud was a good night.

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