Saturday, April 3, 2010

Business # 2

Zhenerbee Farms will be making its next strategic move today. We are attending a training on worm farming, learning how to raise red wigglers to do our bidding and compost our garbage into wonderful food for our garden. Assuming all works as planned, we will be returning to the farm with worms and bedding supplies to start our colony. They better be ready for us... we have lots of work for them to do.

12 yards of soil and compost arrive on Monday. Our chickens have been participating in the preparations, adding their nitrogenous fertilizer to our composting efforts. Our hope is to enhance the soil fertility we will be relying on for our crops. Which, assuming all things work out, will be Business #3.

So to review:

Business #1 = Chickens --> Sell Eggs, Use Waste as Fertilizer in Soil

Business #2 = Worms --> Raise Worms, Harvest Castings + Worm Tea For Soil Amending, Add Worms to Garden For Soil Management, Sell Worms to Lake Fisherman

Business #3 = Crops --> Eat & Sell Produce

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  1. Well apparently there is a business #4 as of this morning... Zhen got himself a bouncing rubber ball laboratory. He mixes the ingredients, forms the mold, and outputs custom color bouncing balls on request. This may be his #1 business for awhile... key point... he gets it... he made his first ball and said... "this is my next business".

    So to the question, "Can entrepreneurs be created...?"

    The answer is yes. Starting around three, when kids no longer want to eat money, you begin building the the creative idea within your child that they own their own life, they own their own ideas, and those ideas have value... so what are you going to do... to build with your energy?

    Art? Music? Scientist? Builder? Robot Doctor? Flying Hospital Owner? Engineer? Farmer? Dancer? Basketball Player?

    There is a new day born every morning. Thats life.

    Own Yourself.


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