Monday, April 26, 2010

Anxiously Waiting...

We are so excited that we will have some new baby chickens on our farm this week.
We have cleared all of the old hay from the pen and laid down new grass seed, covered with hay and have been watching it grow in.  We also said good bye to Dokey this weekend.  Our neighbor, Mr. Charlie, took her to his farm in Manasses and told us that he is going to put her into the mix and see if he can cross breed her with one of his Araucana roosters.  Since she hasn't been laying for the past 4-6 months I'm not sure his plan will work...but he has a heck of a lot of more experience than we do so I'll be interested to hear.  And since Charlie likes to keep things even he's bringing us a layer in exchange for Dokey.

Since we haven't wanted Little No Butt and Sweetie Pie to mess up all of our new grass planting I've staged a satellite pen that I carry them to each morning and let them scratch around at the ant hills in the yard.  I'll be happy when the grass is in, the babies have arrived and the pen is functioning again.

This weekend I think we sold ourselves on the idea that we are soon to be goat farmers too.  Our microfarm keeps on expanding :0)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prepping for Babies

In preparation for the hatchlings's arrival we purchased 2 new water dispensers, starter feed, a bail of straw and another heat lamp bulb today.  We set the eggs in the incubator on the 12th so we expect birds to be born something at the end of this week.  Not sure what, if any thing, we'll end up getting from the hatching as the eggs are being kept at Odyssey Montessori for incubation, so we ordered some Barred Rock and Speckled Sussex chicks from Snow Hill Farm in Spotsylvania that will be ready for us to pick up when we return from vacation.

Tooth Fairy Cometh

Well the big wait is over.  The first baby tooth has fallen out.  It's official....Zhenerbee is a Big Boy.

It fell out last night and confirmed our suspicion that the Tooth Fairy and the Wish Fairy are in cahoots.  After a slightly turbulent dinner filled with more than anyone's fair share of complaining about eating salad, Zhen learned his obstinance had cost him a fudge pop for dessert.  

In a last ditch effort to secure the fudge pop, Zhen told Daddy he had made a wish to the Wish Fairy to get the fudge pop.  He and Daddy were rough housing a bit post conversation and low and behold Zhen's tooth fell out in the scuffle.  And of course....a first tooth out earns a fudge pop dessert so it seems the Tooth Fairy came to the rescue via the Wish Fairy.

A little blood, a few tears and a proud was a good night.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Business # 2

Zhenerbee Farms will be making its next strategic move today. We are attending a training on worm farming, learning how to raise red wigglers to do our bidding and compost our garbage into wonderful food for our garden. Assuming all works as planned, we will be returning to the farm with worms and bedding supplies to start our colony. They better be ready for us... we have lots of work for them to do.

12 yards of soil and compost arrive on Monday. Our chickens have been participating in the preparations, adding their nitrogenous fertilizer to our composting efforts. Our hope is to enhance the soil fertility we will be relying on for our crops. Which, assuming all things work out, will be Business #3.

So to review:

Business #1 = Chickens --> Sell Eggs, Use Waste as Fertilizer in Soil

Business #2 = Worms --> Raise Worms, Harvest Castings + Worm Tea For Soil Amending, Add Worms to Garden For Soil Management, Sell Worms to Lake Fisherman

Business #3 = Crops --> Eat & Sell Produce

Zhenerbee Farms Ledger