Friday, March 12, 2010

Zhen's Creation Story

Though we don't actively talk about religion in our house, we have instilled the idea of spirituality and the concept of God into Zhen.  In the process we have read some of the Children's Bible with him and from time to time he brings up his ideas about God.

This morning on the way to school he talks to Daddy.....

" Daddy, did you know that God created the first person?  His name was Adam and do you know what he made him out of? Dirt."

After some back and forth with Daddy he continues with...

" And did you know who the first girl was?  Eve."

Daddy asks " And do you know what God made her out of?"

"RIBBONS" says Zhen

With a smile and chuckle to himself Daddy replies with "Yes, Ribbons sounds right"

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