Monday, March 15, 2010

Learn Ache

See full size image Saturday afternoon  Zhen and Daddy dug into a science project together called Energy Lab.  The project involved building the energy lab and then going through a series of experiments to test out the energy different substances produce.  Zhen has really been looking forward to doing it but of course like a lot of activities we enter into, this one was pretty advance for a boy who just turned 5.  Nevertheless, they completed the building and completed several tests as well.  He was excited to tell me about what he learned when I returned home later that afternoon.

On Sunday morning as Zhen and I were about to watch our new favorite cartoon, Dinosaur Train, he tells me he has a Learn Ache.  A Learn Ache I ask??  He explains...

"Yeah Mom, you know how my body gets pain from growing and I get an ache?  Well I get Learn Aches too from thinking too much"

Okay then.  Good to know what to call it.  And as I sit here Monday morning struggling to focus on the overwhelming amount of work I have to accomplish I feel a Learn Ache coming on....

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