Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zhenerbee Farms Says:

"Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs"

~ Thats why our birds live 1st class and feed on pasture grass that Dad
takes great care in tending. Dad says he's the grass farmer... Mom and I
take care of the birds! The healthy grasses and bugs that live in the
woods behind the coop get supplemented with apple, carrot, lettuce, and
other tasty table scraps. Thats why our birds yolks are so firm and
vibrant in color during the growing season. You can really tell what
your chickens were eating by looking at the color of the yolk.

"Free Range Means Chickens Run Over Fields Of Flowers, Make Love" ~ Jonathan Safran Foer

Monday, March 15, 2010

Learn Ache

See full size image Saturday afternoon  Zhen and Daddy dug into a science project together called Energy Lab.  The project involved building the energy lab and then going through a series of experiments to test out the energy different substances produce.  Zhen has really been looking forward to doing it but of course like a lot of activities we enter into, this one was pretty advance for a boy who just turned 5.  Nevertheless, they completed the building and completed several tests as well.  He was excited to tell me about what he learned when I returned home later that afternoon.

On Sunday morning as Zhen and I were about to watch our new favorite cartoon, Dinosaur Train, he tells me he has a Learn Ache.  A Learn Ache I ask??  He explains...

"Yeah Mom, you know how my body gets pain from growing and I get an ache?  Well I get Learn Aches too from thinking too much"

Okay then.  Good to know what to call it.  And as I sit here Monday morning struggling to focus on the overwhelming amount of work I have to accomplish I feel a Learn Ache coming on....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Zhen's Creation Story

Though we don't actively talk about religion in our house, we have instilled the idea of spirituality and the concept of God into Zhen.  In the process we have read some of the Children's Bible with him and from time to time he brings up his ideas about God.

This morning on the way to school he talks to Daddy.....

" Daddy, did you know that God created the first person?  His name was Adam and do you know what he made him out of? Dirt."

After some back and forth with Daddy he continues with...

" And did you know who the first girl was?  Eve."

Daddy asks " And do you know what God made her out of?"

"RIBBONS" says Zhen

With a smile and chuckle to himself Daddy replies with "Yes, Ribbons sounds right"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby T-Rex

Just last week, while watching Dinosaur Train, we learned that the T-Rex lost teeth and grew them back just like humans.  Coincidentally,  2 days ago we were brushing teeth before bed and I noticed what looked like a tooth popping through the gum surface behind one of his bottom front teeth.  Sure enough when I pressed on the tooth in front ... it WIGGLED!  After some exploring we realized that there was another tooth loose on the top.   And now all four front teeth seem to be a little lose.  The smile on Zhen's face when he realized he was going to lose his baby teeth and get big boy teeth was something to remember.  He is so proud to be getting big boy teeth.  And he's excited to see if the Tooth Fairy will come.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eggs Sales are Hopin

Zhen will be doing his second egg drop at school today.  He has gained some new customers and we are sure that he will continue to gain as the year goes on.

We are also really excited that the school will be doing a life study on egg hatching and Zhenerbee Farms will provide the fertilized eggs and take the chicks home to his farm after they have hatched.  This should be a fun experience for everyone!!

Zhenerbee Farms Ledger