Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Dreams May Come.....

This morning, like most mornings, Zhen's mouth opens almost the same instant his eyes do. It is amazing to witness the rate of thought that a child has.

Again, like most mornings, he searches his mind to recall any dreams he might have had. And this morning his dream was on the tip of his tongue. He tells the story as follows:

"Mom, I had a dream about me and Barrack Obama last night!"

I come to sit on the edge of his bed, eager to hear this dream.

"Barrack Obama came to my school. He said he needed a partner. I was really scared that he was not going to pick me because I really wanted him to. He said he could only have one, not two, not three. And guess what?? He chose Me to be his partner"

Since we were all very engrossed in this last election, Zhen has really taken an interest in presidents. He has memorized the first 10. He can recognize a few just by sight in various settings and thanks in part to his Nana has an interest in the Civil War.

I have always felt that dreams come to us for reasons and now I find myself wondering what reason my almost 5 year old has for dreaming of presidents coming to ask him for partnership.

I guess we'll have to be patient and let time tell us.

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