Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A story worth sharing....

This evening as we were pulling dinner together Zhen was issuing forth a string of his new favorites....mostly poop, poopy, poopface...and any that pertains to things stinking in general.

Enter Devon....and the conversation begins...

Devon says ,"Hey Zhen, how about you lose a dollar each time you say the word poop"

Zhen says, "NO"

I offer, "How about a quarter?"

...we all agree...some begrudgingly.....but we agree....

I then add "And how about Daddy loses $1.00 each time he uses the "F" word"

...we all agree.....a couple of minutes pass by...silently for the most part....and then....

Zhen says " You're funny Dad"

Devon replies with his normal response to that statement from Zhen with "You're funny"

Zhen says "Uphh!! You said an "F" owe $1.00"

WOW!!!!!!!!!! He's only 4!!! What will 14 be like?

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