Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tumble Time

Zhen has been taking gymnastics since September of last year...and has really enjoyed it. Because of his age he was in an all girls class and was desperate to get to 5 so he would join the boys class. Well the time has come. With February starting next week he gets to move into the boys class since it is his birthday month.

So excited to move up in level.

As we pursue different developmental paths for Zhen, it is interesting to note that gymnastics has turned out to be a fantastic investment of time and money. Paragon Training Center delivers exceptional age appropriate activities, led by professionals that fully invest themselves in what they are doing with the kids at every age. It is readily apparent to all that sit on the bleachers watching the kids at all stages of development and commitment that Paragon is doing a lot right.

It is certainly the case that for our four year old, soon to be five, that his experiences at paragon have proven to be valuable to his physical development, and there does not appear to be a better per dollar investment for the returns that we are seeing as parents. He need not become a life long gymnast by any means, but his agility, flexibility, fun with movement and enthusiasm for physical education and doing new things have certainly been fed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A story worth sharing....

This evening as we were pulling dinner together Zhen was issuing forth a string of his new favorites....mostly poop, poopy, poopface...and any that pertains to things stinking in general.

Enter Devon....and the conversation begins...

Devon says ,"Hey Zhen, how about you lose a dollar each time you say the word poop"

Zhen says, "NO"

I offer, "How about a quarter?"

...we all agree...some begrudgingly.....but we agree....

I then add "And how about Daddy loses $1.00 each time he uses the "F" word"

...we all agree.....a couple of minutes pass by...silently for the most part....and then....

Zhen says " You're funny Dad"

Devon replies with his normal response to that statement from Zhen with "You're funny"

Zhen says "Uphh!! You said an "F" owe $1.00"

WOW!!!!!!!!!! He's only 4!!! What will 14 be like?

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