Friday, August 28, 2009

Tinkering School

"Hey Dad, lets build this school!"

Zhen is attending a Montessori school which places the priority on self-led education. The goal of this style education being to develop self-reliant learners that are empowered by the learning process rather than the material mandated for successful digestion and regurgitation as documented in testing results.

As a parent with plenty of educational experience to draw from, I am thrilled to provide my child with this structure for his academic world. I believe in the power of self-education as well as the power of community-driven learning, and am a big proponent of the open-source software development ecosystem as a result. Some of the most inspirational and exceptional learning results have been achieved in this environment in my opinion, and should be modeled by all institutions seeking to improve how they measure success at learning by doing.

In this vein, I have been tinkering with the idea of offering some weekend and summer learning opportunities to 4-8 year olds that are definable as entrepreneurial in nature. I define entrepreneurship as "the act of creating value while starting with little to no beginning resources". In this way, entrepreneurship is not merely a business activity, it is a creative act. The fact that we socialize our creative works within our socio-economic model of capitalism does not change the original impetus of the entrepreneur; to be creative and exercise that creativity in valuable ways. Whether in science, medicine, farming, biomimicry, technology, parenting, writing, sculpting, athletics, construction, or mathematics... entrepreneurs exist to create outcomes, both good and bad, to learn from their efforts, to reformat those efforts and toil until they are satisfied that their intentions have been adequately manifested/tested/disposed of in the world. It is the work of heroes!

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