Saturday, August 22, 2009

Solar Week

Zhenerbee started orientation for school this week, but was home everyday by 12:00. So it was activity week for Dad. I wanted to take advantage of the beginning of the learning process with some advanced instruction. Our 4 year old has much expected of him. So we learned about solar energy this week. The Klutz Solar Car Kit is an easy way to initiate the process of learning about energy from the sun, and the process by which we use it to manufacture outcomes of some utility.

After finishing with the solar car and having some fun racing it around on our new deck, we received another learning activity in the mail the next day.
A 6-in-1 Solar Powered Transformer Kit. Zhenerbee had eyes the size of half dollars! Great surprise! And so we immediately went to work creating our solar powered robot dog. Next up, an airplane run by the sun. School starts on Monday and we are off the the races!

We will be building flying helicopter hospitals to fix robots and people in no time, that being the stated career path of our farmer as of now. Don't worry chix, he'll still come for your eggs.

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