Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scratch: Controlled Movements

kidOYO presents...

SCRATCH: Controlled Movements

In this introductory Lesson, you will learn about the SCRATCH freeware created by MIT Media Labs to teach learners of all ages how to write code.  With the drag and drop, puzzle style interface, learning is made easy enough for the youngest kids to get started.

Friday, August 2, 2013

MineCon Sells Out in 3 Seconds

It took 2 hours in 2012... now that is a growth story.

LordWhiteBear got his ticket.

kidOYO got a couple tickets.

How about you?

Look forward to seeing everyone in Florida!

Cheer up Long Island

Monday, July 15, 2013

Coder Dojo: Coming On 2 Years

We launched 2 dojos in the US at the start of 2012.

Both were in locations where we live. We wanted to spawn communities in both locations.

Virginia and New York.

Fredericksburg and Long Island.

I am happy to report that both are thriving, and we are thrilled with the leadership that is making that happen.

We have found some great mentors, great students and great parents to collaborate in our learning with.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes in year 3...

Cheers Ireland!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dancing Robots

We do this with 6+ year old students using Lego Mindstorms in some of our programs at kidOYO... right up to the point where the robot starts synchronizing its own movements with its peers... awesome.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Roman Farming @ 6

When we introduced Z to the world of computer gaming we quickly realized that role play, imagination and the ability to control and environment were the key areas of interest for him.  Since we really don't want him spending time on the internet at his age we decided to introduce him to the world of Civilization. Dad started him off with Roller Coaster Tycoon and he progressed through different games until reaching Civilization Rome.  What an eye opening experience for us.  He has learned so much about Roman history, tools, weapons, and people management from this game, not to mention picked up even more computer savvy.  Engaging kids where they want to learn and using those tools to push their learning beyond their boundaries is an amazingly effective way to teach.

Last night as we were driving home from a day long class of video game design followed by training at his Dojo he began to tell me what he would really like to spend some time doing.  It goes something like this...

"Mom, when we get a big farm property I am going to have a section all to myself to take care of and build on."

Really?  I reply...and do what with it?

"I plan to grow wheat.  But I need to save enough money to build a small mill to process my wheat so I'm also going to have to get 2 donkeys.  I want to use a Roman mill so I need to get the donkeys to walk in circles and turn my cranks to grind my wheat into flour.  If I can sell my flour I make then I can build a bakery to make bread and I'll give you the first loaf I make, Mom.  I think after I get really good at that I'm going to do Flax next.  I'd like to make yarn too.  I am going to make the big piece of yarn any one has ever 5 feet!  I can crush up all sorts of things and dye my yarn all the colors I want"

Wow...I think..and sounds like you have put some thought into that.  It's a lot of work.

"It's the kind of work that I would really enjoy.  I could be happy for my whole life"

.... and for the remind I often have to myself...he's SIX.

Long Island Oysters

Our family has deep roots to Long Island, NY.

In fact, we settled there in 1632 in Oyster Bay, and have a long recorded history of transactions between the native inhabitants at the time, and the King of England, who acquired the region in exchange for payment.

I spent some time on these oyster boats in high school, doing research for my marine biology class.

While the business has been sold, we still maintain a love for the history of this business, this place, and the future we are invested in building here.

A Message From kidOYO

The Secret Document That Transformed China by and JACOB GOLDSTEIN For NPR

This is a very worthwhile read.

I am an American, raised in New York and Virginia, during the 1970's, 80's, 90's, Y2K, 9.11.01's... and now in the 2010's. Cold wars, wars on ~ism's, recessions, down-sizings, no child left behind... I get it. Typically, I just keep on doing my thing.

I am a Dad now though. An American father that has taken a fairly unusual path in his life of skill and experience acquisition. A dad that knows how to change his world... and wants to teach kids how to do it too. A dadapreneur with datapreneur aspirations.

I grew up with Pong, Apple IIe, Intellivision, Atari, Colecovision, Commodore 64, and software environments where data was manipulated and statistics were tracked. I have been visualizing digital data my entire life. Nintendo 64, PS2, Xbox, PS3, DS, iPad, Android, Arduino... my kid is going to move a light year beyond what Society thinks it is... within only the next 10 years.

I am organizing everything I am doing as a father, teacher, student and mentor at kidOYO. I have beliefs about data in a digitally formatted administrative ecosystem. I am passionate about law and the order of freedom and security. I am intent on the study and development of ownership practices and philosophies. I am committed to the ideas of survival and prosperity. kidOYO is an embodiment of all of this, with the very specific goal of changing the world via technology with the following notion:

In a world that makes decisions based on social and financial capital, a kid needs to navigate their education as owners, not customers. A kid needs to learn self-reliance, even if they choose to receive customer services once-in-awhile. Kids need to be guided towards the most empowered and intelligent outcome by the system that manages their development, so they may participate with trust, confidence and understanding within the Society that they are but a cog within. A kid deserves leadership... real leadership... not manipulation based on the opportunity that can be found and harvested from every Human life.

kidOYO is an idea set on fire for the world to experience in an entirely new way. Like the secret document that transformed China in the story above, personal sovereign empowerment is the stuff champions are made of, and it is the stuff that resilient communities are made of.

Around this Nation, in every backyard, kids within this data-driven technology-enabled world should be organized philosophically and administratively as sovereign owners.

The transactional model is simple; we are all born as opportunity, with opportunity. A baby is an opportunity to love and cherish. Our data administration of babies via their identities must speak to this love and opportunity structure. Our data philosophies must change to keep pace.

The Universe is the same for each of us; open opportunity is everywhere! Life gives us each sovereign ownership of our lives, the energies that move them, and the opportunity to become Human in the time and space of your life on this planet.

Good luck.


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